Hi Everyone,

I now have a new website!! Please have a look at http://thebevlak.com/

I also have a new blog located at http://thebevlak.tumblr.com/ This means that this blogger accounr will no longer be updated. I'm only leaving it here to point to my new site - please follow me on http://thebevlak.tumblr.com/ to keep up to date with what im doing!




Ammo Magazine

I have contributed an image to the new issue of AMMO magazine - check it out lots of amazing illustrators in a handy pocket sized book!


Pro Action

If you're an illustrator and dont know about this then get to know! Pro action are there to help stop you getting ripped off by dodgy small print and unfair contracts!

Sign their petition HERE

Project Gesundheit

Was invited to contribute a piece for Gesundheit, a creative experiment thought up by Ad Agency 180 Amsterdam. The theme was sneezing - heres what I came up with (click to enlarge)


3D Book

I was asked to submit an image for a book being published by american graphic artist Tristan Eaton. The book is to be sold with 3D glasses and all the images will be turned into layered 3D pictures. Heres what I came up with - click to enlarge